Castable Resin

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Castable Resin

1.   Brilliant High-Precision Output

2.   Achieves Perfect Surface Quality of the output

3.   Forms any complex design with exquisite detail & features

4.   Extremely High Strength Casting Resin for achieving accuracy

5.   Smooth Surface for finely integrated end-quality

6.   No residue 

Castable Resin for 3D Jewellery Printer

Castable Resin for 3D Printer is best in its class resin material for casting 3D Jewellery Printed models. The high-quality resin gives a smooth surface output which is ready to use. It makes it easy for you to directly use the casted model for jewellery making regardless of the complexity of your design. The high-precision output achieved with this castable resin is a unique feature which sets it apart from the rest.

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Non Castable Rapid Build Colour No
Weight No
Direct Casatable Colour No
Non Castable Industrial Build Skin Color
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