Sculptor Tray

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Sculptor Tray

1.   Utterly light in weight

2.   Designed with High-Quality Material

3.   User-friendly, unbreakable* & shock-resistant

4.   Extra Clear Transparency so you can see open-ended play

5.   Uniformly Leveled Tray so you don’t have to make manual adjustments

6.   Promises Long-life Usage for least frequent changing of Tray

7.   Affordable Price as compared to similar products in the market 

8.   Hassle-free usage, Easy to Clean and Reuse

Vat Tray for DLP 3D Jewellery Printer

Best quality Vat Tray for DLP 3D Printer is here. This Vat container is designed to be durable and form minimal clouding so you don’t have to replace it frequently. It unburdens your job of spending repeatedly on Trays. You can cast more models using a single Vat Tray which makes it a star performer and a ‘must-buy’ product.

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Non Castable Rapid Build Colour No
Weight No
Direct Casatable Colour No
Non Castable Industrial Build Skin Color
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