SI Professional - DLP LED Technology Based Jewellery 3D Printer in India

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SI Professional

SI PROFESSIONAL is the 3D Jewellery Printer for casting UV cured molds instantly. This DLP LED technology based machinery could be the best part of your manufacturing team. It exceeds your expectations with lightweight and compact design yielding brilliant output at a faster speed.

You will spend considerably less time in casting models and can start working on most complex designs without hassle. Besides being brilliant in performance, it accompanies prompt service and customer support so you don’t stick anywhere and avail uninterrupted output.

Salient Features

  • Ultra-high Resolution
  • Supreme Durability
  • Extended lifespan up to 35000 Hours
  • Evenly cast output
  • Prime Productivity
  • Competently Faster Speed of 1200 Layer Per hour
  • Casts even the most complex designs smoothly
  • Very Compact Machine Design
  • User-friendly and very Easy to Operate
  • Requires very low maintenance
  • Consistently brilliant performance with longer machine life


Exclusive Features which Sets it Apart

  • SI PROFESSIONAL is Made in India for India
  • Even intensity in all corners of the platform for precise mold quality
  • Pre-eminent in all aspects including reliability, detailing and usability
  • Very Affordable as compared to resembling 3D Jewellery Printing machines in the market

Machine Specification

Platform Size

100 X 56.25 X 100 mm (X x Y x Z)

X & Y Resolution

0.052 um

Z Resolution

0.010 to 0.100 um

Pixel Size

0.052 um


1200 Layer Per hour

Machine Warranty

01 years

Software Upgradation

Free Upto3 years

Open Source Consumables




Service Type




Transportation Insurance

Our Responsibility


Free for 5 days


HP Laptop

UV Curing Oven

SI Oven Free




364 X 300 X 646 mm (W,L,H)


35 kg

More Information
Non Castable Rapid Build Colour No
Weight No
Direct Casatable Colour No
Non Castable Industrial Build Skin Color
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